BLF has affiliations with key businesses and philanthropic organizations around the world.

Network of Travel Professionals: BLF’s global network is one of its greatest assets.  Our network enables BLF to take on almost any type of legal matter in any part of the world.  These close working relationships have been developed over decades of practicing travel and transportation law in private practice and as in-house counsel with airlines and other travel/transportation related companies.

McBreen & Kopko:  BLF is Of-Counsel to McBreen & Kopko (“MK”), a multi-state general practice law firm. BLF works with MK’s Travel & Transportation Group on a broad range of legal matters within the travel industry.

BLF’s relationship with MK provides BLF with access to MK’s expertise in different sectors of the travel industry e.g., aviation services, corporate aviation and aircraft financing.

International Forum of Travel and Tourism Advocates (“IFTTA”): BLF is a member of IFTTA.  IFTTA was formed in 1985 to provide a forum for the exchange of information on the legal aspects of Travel and Tourism Law from around the world and encourages the establishment of common legal standards for the Travel and Tourism Industry.

Membership comprises travel and tourism lawyers from 45 countries and allows BLF to stay abreast of changes in travel and tourism laws from around the world as well as provide access to a worldwide network of travel lawyers and consultants.

Tourism Cares:  BLF is dedicated to help improve the travel experience today and for future generations through partnerships with philanthropic organizations which: work to protect and restore emerging or at-risk destinations, provide travel industry workforce education, and promote and improve corporate social responsibility.

We provide strong support, in both time and money, to Tourism Cares.  As a member of Tourism Cares, we have participated in numerous conservation projects and sponsorships. Norman Bluth is on Tourism Cares’ Board of Directors.   Learn more about Tourism Cares

USTOA/Wings Club:  We maintain strong commitments within the travel community with memberships in organizations such as, The United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), JFK International Airport Rotary Club and the Wings Club.


It has been a pleasure to work with Norm over the years. His focus on the travel industry enables him to bring potential legal situations to our attention at the earliest stages of development. Moreover, he is very efficient in his work and often resolves legal matters by simply reaching out to his contacts in the industry. I consider Norm a highly valued resource.

Peter Schaefer

General Counsel, Mark Travel Corporation

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