There is not another attorney with whom I have worked, who has as comprehensive a command of the complex travel, transportation / logistics businesses and related legal issues. If you have the need for legal advice in these industries, Norm should be part of your team. Speaking from experience, Norm will effectively and efficiently handle legal projects and ongoing counsel, and will work hard to protect your company’s legal and business interests.

Robert Mann

Designation : CEO, R.W. Mann & Company, Inc.

It has been a pleasure to work with Norm over the years. His focus on the travel industry enables him to bring potential legal situations to our attention at the earliest stages of development. Moreover, he is very efficient in his work and often resolves legal matters by simply reaching out to his contacts in the industry. I consider Norm a highly valued resource.

Peter Schaefer

Designation : General Counsel, Mark Travel Corporation

Norm’s specialty is tackling critical legal projects within the travel industry. Over the years, Norm’s strategic approach and deep industry contacts allowed organizations I was running to manage challenging legal and business situations. I didn’t have to manage Norm’s budget. He self-reported, and always finished on time and under-budget. Norm is extremely professional and yet always personable and easy to work with. I enthusiastically recommend Norm.

Josh Paine

Designation : CEO of WorldVentures Holdings, LLC

I’ve worked with Norm for several decades. He is a travel industry veteran from both a legal and business perspective. His experience representing different types of companies serving the travel industry has allowed him to bring a different perspective to projects I’ve worked with him on. Many times he turned very sensitive legal problems into strong business opportunities. Norm is a valued strategic partner.

Werner Kunz

Designation : Co-CEO, Fareportal, Inc.


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