A Word from the Founder

I consider myself fortunate on many levels, including my career path. I grew up in the airline business as my father had an airline consultancy firm for over 40 years (some of you may recall David R. Bluth & Associates). My father used to joke that I was born at the Wings Club of New York. Because of my father, all the talk around the house growing up was the airline industry. Before I graduated high school I had been to more airline/travel business events than most seasoned executives in the industry. So, when I hear others in the industry say “the travel industry is in my blood”, the same applies to me in spades. To say I have a passion for the travel industry is an understatement.

Now, it gets better. With a lot of hard work and luck, I got to combine my passion for the travel industry with my equal passion for business and law. My legal career path allowed me to gain significant knowledge of and relationships with every type of company in not only the travel industry, but the transportation industry as well (yes, there is plenty of overlap between the two). This knowledge and relationships (network) has allowed me to provide a broader set of options to my clients.

With every project I undertake, I apply my knowledge of and relationships in the travel industry. It starts with a careful review of a client’s business (what is the company’s near and long term business strategy) and then I review the legal issues at hand to create a legal strategy that is closely married to the client’s business strategy. To me, it is all about setting goals and planning! As the saying goes “a goal without a plan is a dream”. One goal I apply to every legal project I undertake is to address the same in a manner that keeps my client’s management team laser focused on driving business (great effort is made to avoid the management team getting distracted by legal issues).

BLF and I look forward to working with you.  Thank you.

Norman N. Bluth


I’ve worked with Norm for several decades. He is a travel industry veteran from both a legal and business perspective. His experience representing different types of companies serving the travel industry has allowed him to bring a different perspective to projects I’ve worked with him on. Many times he turned very sensitive legal problems into strong business opportunities. Norm is a valued strategic partner.

Werner Kunz

Co-CEO, Fareportal, Inc.

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